Why is this necessary and why are you here?

Treatment & Care

We are raising money to be placed in a community fund account should it be necessary for Alexander to undertake treatment that is not available via the NHS. Alexander has completed the last conventional treatment that is available to him in the UK but unfortunately he is not clear of this terrible disease. There are some trial treatments available in the UK, and we will pursue these with Alexander's consultant before embarking on expensive treatment elsewhere.

As the availability and suitability of any future treatment is unknown we are initially aiming to raise £90,000.00 as this appears to be the starting cost of treatment in Europe. Once it is known exactly what Alexander needs all details will be published on this site, along with an update on any changes to the required funding amount. 

Our Pledges to You

1, All monies raised will be held in a trust account for Alexander at the Nat West Bank, Scunthorpe.
2, All donations and contributions will be recorded on the 'Donations' page of this site so that all monies received are transparent and traceable.
3, All monies raised will only be used for the primary purpose of furthering Alexander's treatment should it become necessary for the family to pay for treatment themselves. This may include covering costs borne by the family in either treatment in the UK or overseas should the family not be in a position to be able to finance the costs themselves.
4, Should Alexander not need the monies raised the secondary purpose of this fund will be initiated where the family will look to distribute the money, in order of priority, as follows:
a) To support another family/families suffering with Neuroblastoma based at Sheffield Children's Hospital in their quest for treatment/care not available under the NHS.
b) To support another family/families suffering with Neuroblastoma based in Yorkshire/Lincolnshire in their quest for treatment/care not available under the NHS.
c) To support PACT (Parents Association of Children with Cancer & Tumors) based at Sheffield Children's Hospital (SCH) in their work to help children and families suffering with cancer and being treated at SCH.

How you can help

Should you be able to help in any way, be that by helping to raise funds or providing a donation, we would be very pleased to hear from you at
Further details follows:


If you or anyone you know is or are planning to hold a fundraising event then please do let us know details so that we can add them to this site and inform our friends and family. We are also available to help in any way, be that by providing advice or help during the event. We try to be present at all events but I am sure you will understand that this is not always possible depending on what treatment Alexander is having at the time, and how he feels. No matter, even if Alexander can not make an event either Mark or Max will try to make sure that at least one of them attends if at all possible.


Should you be able to provide a donation you can do that by either:
a) Making a cheque payable to Lexys Fund and posting it to:
Lexys Fund
c/o Mark & Max Strong
10 Burnham Rd
b) Electronic transfer direct to the account.
Account details are available on request via or by calling Mark on 07802 735370
Should you wish to make an electronic transfer may we ask that you let us have details of who you are and how much etc via or 07802 735370 so that we are able to add relevant details to the donations tracker on this site?