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Posted by Yvonne on 19/02/2013

R.I.P little boy, God Bless to all the family, xxx

Posted by Joanne Arliss on 31/01/2013

I am so, so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace angel, and keep watching over your family xxxxx

Posted by leanne-marie parkin on 26/01/2013   Email

r.i.p little man, i have been reading your story and it made me cry to hear how brave you have been and now your playing with the angels, you shall never be forgotten and everytime your family look into sky at the stars so bright they shall know you are the brightest of them all letting them know that you shall be forever watching over them :) sleep tight little angel your fight is now over and you can rest in peace xoxo

Posted by debbi on 26/01/2013   Email

rip little man u was so brave my heart goes out to to ur mom and dad and ur big sister fly high xxxxxx

Posted by sarah on 11/01/2013

I just want to say my heart breaks for you. I wish there was something i could do to change things. Thinking about you all, with love xxx

Posted by mary on 11/01/2013   Email

I have been following your story for a while now sadly i havnt been able to do much to help apart from share your story & get my friends to do the same I just wanted to say even though i have only seen you not to talk to but I feel very honoured to be part of your journey you are so brave & such a wonderful family words just dont do anything but if there is ever anything I could do to help you raise money or anything I will be there I really feel like you are part of my family like I truly know you I have been down for lots of reasons but your beautiful smile puts me to shame I wish I had a magic wand to make this all go away for you but thank you for letting me into you life & I hope 1 day I can help you or your family somehow. my thoughts & love are with you every day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Claire on 10/01/2013

Good morning Alex , Your a beautiful young man with an infectious smile , keep on smiling little prince : ) xx

Posted by Stef reece on 10/01/2013   Email

Hi dude, hope your feeling as well as can be, I know this is a horrible thing to be doing at your age, hope your kicking its butt! My 3 year old (was 2 at the time) was diagnosed with this horrible big C :( so I know how your mummy and daddy are feeling, maybe follow him on Facebook he's called braiden lee prescott. Well I hope the treatment hasn't effected you too bad, just know you can fight this! We are on the last legs of the treatment now and are currently in Philadelphia having immunotherapy treatment to try and stop this nasty thing coming back, my braiden is fighting it well :) mum or dad, feel free to inbox me if you want :) all the best dude xxx

Posted by Erin Robertson MD on 09/01/2013   Email

Saw your story on the Epilepsy Nation FB page. I had childhood brain tumor too, but nothing like yours. Stay strong, little man. You have a whole world of epileptics, their families and their friends cheering you on!!

Posted by Victoria Beardshaw on 09/01/2013   Email

I went to school with James Askew and through Facebook I have been made aware of Alex and his amazing courage and strength, no one should have to suffer the way Alex is. It breaks my heart. You are in my heart, my thoughts, my prayers. I am running a 10k race and all sponsorship will be for Alex xx

Posted by Maralyn Aykroyd on 09/01/2013   Email

I'm Stacey's mum, a close friend of Max & Mark's, I wish with all my heart that I could do more to help such an incredibly brave family xx

Posted by Barbara Senior on 08/01/2013   Email

I empathise so much with Alex's family as we lost my little 3 year old godson to leukaemia 13 years ago. It is a terrible thing to see your child so ill and to be powerless to make it better. My thoughts are with you all. I too lost my strong faith but I do still believe that we all have angels watching over us and I now speak to them and ask for help and stregnth. Much love.

Posted by Mikey Mills on 09/12/2012   Email

I really dont know, what too say, Karen Lee made me aware for this cause, and after going through this site, its opened my eyes BIG TIME, really I am lost for words. if I could anything I will.

Posted by nicola graham on 25/10/2012   Email

Harriet and often talk about Lex and how brave he is.

Posted by anon on 20/10/2012

Please vote for Lex on the Pride Of Britain Website!

Posted by Louise Hickman on 18/10/2012

Dear Mark and family I wish you all the luck in the world and best wishes for the future. You are all so brave xx

Posted by sam eric dinesh on 18/10/2012   Email

hi lex, this is sam, im a friend of your aunt susanna in scunthorpe, iv got a little boy just a year younger then you, so i cant imagine what this is like for your family but from what i know, you're a fighter and theres alot of people praying for you my love, even my boy, keep fighting sweetheart, we dont know you personally but we love you to bits, you're always in our heart, prayers and our thoughts xxx

Posted by Mark Hellewell on 24/09/2012

Hi Lex it's Mark under 9 coach for Epworth Colts football just wanted you to know we're all thinking of you at the club & we send you our best wishes take care mate.Hope to see you down at football soon.

Posted by Stefanie Rae-Hassall on 20/09/2012   Email

Always in our thoughts xxx

Posted by Anna Giblin on 19/09/2012

After viewing your wesite my heart goes out to Lex and the family. I pray that you will be continually given strength to cope with the road ahead...and we are blessed with a Miracle. Keep fighting little man you are a beautiful and brave little boy!!!! X

Posted by kerrie flowitt on 14/09/2012

Hi Max & Mark. I've managed to track down the website and you've done a great job. I'm so sorry to read your latest news, we are all praying for Lex! Stay strong xx

Posted by Corrine O'Brien on 14/09/2012   Email

Great website Mark. Will do whatever I can to help with fundraising and send you all the very best wishes to beat this dreadful illness. xx

Posted by Amanda isles on 07/09/2012

Such an amazing and courageous family x everybody is behind your fight and anything we can do to help we will do and I am sure I speak on behalf of the isle xx never give up xx

Posted by Samantha Piggott on 07/09/2012   Email

The total raised by Alexanders Angels was £3,802.28 - fab work angels!!!!

Posted by Sam croxall on 06/09/2012   Email

Great website mark, keep strong you have the community behind you and you are all in our thoughts daily. The Lex Project and the Three Amigos are already planning their next projects. Next week their funds raised will be added to your fantastic list of supporters keep it coming with all our love x x

Posted by Carol Walsh on 06/09/2012   Email

I have meet the family and am amazed at their strength and determination.

Posted by Samantha Piggott on 05/09/2012   Email

Great website Mark, dont know why you worried! Cried again when I read everything and makes the fundraising with Alexanders Angels worth every bit of stress and worry! The Angels are counting the money at the moment (plenty of notes included) so hope to have a total soon. If we all keep working together and stay as strong as a community as you are as a family then the pennies will keep coming. Tony, Samantha, Hannah & Samps

Posted by Melanie Taylor on 05/09/2012   Email

Hi Mark and Maxine The website is fantastic. I've shared it on my Facebook page and also added a link to my business e-mails to spread the word and try to get you as much support as possible. Fab news today on Alexander's bone marrow results. Hope to see you soon - if not before then I'm hoping to be at the fundraiser in Sheffield in November. Melanie x

Posted by Jenny Green on 05/09/2012   Email

I cried (again) when I read the comments from Mark, Max, Olivia and Lex how this dreadful illness has affected you all so differently. Praying that you find the treatment you so desperately want and need and you can all have that longed for holiday in Turkey and get back to being a family. Keep together and keep strong and we'll all keep praying for

Posted by Niall O'Grady on 05/09/2012

Thinking of you guys, keep the faith, life is precious and your son's life is worth the fight. You know all your friends in Saudi are thinking and praying for Alexander.

Posted by Julie Collins on 05/09/2012

Incredibly moved by what I have read and as I have previously said to you I admire your strength and determination as a family in getting this far and doing all you can for Alex. I am sure I speak for others in saying that every little bit helps and we will all do what we can to help and support Alex and the whole family. Such a very brave little boy and very brave family.x

Posted by Mark Strong on 06/08/2012   Email

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